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Friday, April 30, 2010

FarmVille - Crop Mastery

I am not extremely proud but at least I got this before! Yes, my first failed Co Op *grins* (Yes this is a grin)

Yeah, here's it! Well, though I did not get any Coins or XP, I got the MVP still and the Red Tulip Mastery.

I went through my Job History and did not find any records of this, except that there is one more attempt shown. And of course my MVP count increased by one.

Here's the screen for the Red Tulips Mastery.

If you want to check how you are progressing on your Crop Master, just go to Market and click on the Seeds Tab (anyway this is the default).

You will then see the Stars under each crop. Move your cursor over the Harvest Bar for the crop in the Market. In my example, I hovered my cursor over the Tomatillos. This is also, by the way, the first Limited Edition Crop that allows crop mastery!

As you can see, it shows 0/80 harvest as I have not planted it before.

(Excuse me, but this next few paragraphs may be boring to a regular FarmVille farmer)

If you have harvested a crop before you will know that the stars means the 3 stage - 1, 2 and 3 of each stage. I edited the next picture to show you some examples.

For the first stage - 0 progress - there won't be any stars. An example is the Tomatillos.
If you have progressed to the first stage, you will see the first star light up. Then if you have progressed to the second stage you will see your second star light up. An example for this is my Eggplant. The third stage for the Eggplant requires 903 harvests which I have planted none for that stage. And once you have grown all the crops required, you will see the third star filled up. It will then show Mastered.

Of course you will have your Mastery Sign Board.

Anyways this is the first Limited Edition Crop that allows you mastery - Tomatillos.

They are available through the Cinco de Mayo from today to 5 May 2010. It take 10 hours to mature, costs $20 FarmVille Coins, yield 120 coins and gives 1 XP. Good deal?

Actually I don't think so. But since the mastery requires only 80 Crops for the First Star, I think it is good if you have a big farm and wants to get more signboards.

Anyway I shall try this :)

There is my 9 XP for seeding. I used the Hot Rod Seeder which covers 9 plots with 1 click of the mouse. Powerful right!

Keep this bookmarked because I shall be updating my progress on this crop! Check out my Tomatillos Crop Mastery progress here and see how I got the Level 3 Mastery here.

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