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Monday, July 12, 2010

Fishville - Arena : How to increase the Stats of your Arena Fish (Part 6)

I last wrote about the Arena Ability Food on 21 June 2010. That was an accidental post. Today I did another accidental thing, I added the IQ ability without thinking (because I was happy clicking away, trying to feed my fishes).

Well, I went into the Arena Tank intentionally because I wanted to do (finally, yes, I hear you) some posting on Arena Tank. It is an old event but I still want to do it because I haven't but have been waiting to spare some time.

Well today is the day. (I did not go to work but took leave today and the Ginseng Chicken Soup I boiled gave me some extra energy! Darling No 2 love it but Darling No 3 hated it though! Weird and I thought she eats everything!)

Anyways the fishes' stats increase as they age. I am showing you the stats for Longnose Hawkfish Age 1 and Age 35 with special abilities added for IQ. As you can see, the IQ increased by 34 to 40 (but that is because I think I added at least 1 stats by clicking on Add IQ button), Agility by 30 to 35, Strength by 38 to 48. The increase is not proportionate nor do I know if this is the same for all the different types of Arena Fishes. And since the last time I posted, there are seems to be a new type of fish too. Anyway that's for another post.

Now Let's look at the types of food available - Strength (13x), Agility (9x), IQ (12x), Medicine (366) and normal Food.

Now I rename one of my fish to Long Hawk and I will increase his IQ by 1. You will see that the yellow IQ bar creeps to the right but the stats remain the same. So as you click more, it will jump to the next level after it hits the full length. Check out the differences in the number of IQ Food I have, from 12 to 11.

(before feeding)

(after feeding)


Well, that's it for this post.

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1 comment:

  1. Hi,
    1. What do the original stats for ARena fish mean? ie Hawknose is Strength 85, IG 32, Agility 13 in the 'Store'. Does that mean I shouldn't bother to fight this fish against high Agility opponents?
    2. How can I train my Junior Arena fish? I only ever fight my Hawknose as he's the only one with high enough abilities to win. I give all the Ability points he wins to the Juniors, but what's the point as they never get a chance to fight. I wish the ARena had different levels of opponents so Juniors could get a chance to fight.
    3. When should I sell my Arena fish? If I do, have I thrown away all the ability points they accumulated?


thQnk :)


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