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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fishville - Arena : What you need to know (Part 2)

As promised, this is Part 2 of the my series for some of the most common questions about Fishville Arena. Hope I will help to answer what you have been wanting to know.

The FishVille Arena Battle Tanks help to improve the stats for your Arena Fishes.

Once you have loaded your tank, there is this Go To Arena Icon that you can click to go to the Arena Tank.

Or you can go to your Arena Tank through the usual Tank List showing this Trident Icon:

As mentioned in my previous Arena post, the Arena Decorations may be used to beautify your Arena Tank or to increase the status for your Arena Fishes. These may be used in a normal tank too, if you like. They can thus be re-allocated to any tank you wish.

Accordingly, there is only 5 Arena Fishes allowed for the Tank. They require the regular feedings at each stage of their maturity. The same rule applies: 3 days that the fishes stay sick (with out food) before they die!

The Arena Tank still requires the occasional maintenance of algae scrubbing and scum skimming. You will also need to sell used Arena Decorations. Each Arena Decoration gives 10 uses. Once the 10 uses are utilized, the Arena Decorations will turn a darker shade.

(Pictures to be updated)

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  1. Ok, is it just me, or is there no arena at the moment? There must be in some respects as you have proof in pictures here, but niether me nor my frineds can access it. there is no icons anywere, or the option to buy an arena tank. the arena fish I have, but can't find the tanks or decorations?

  2. Hi Anonymous

    The arena is released to only a small group of people. Not everyone has it now. I believe it will be available to everyone in a matter of time. You know FishVille, they take their time to roll out new stuff.


thQnk :)


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