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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fishville - Arena : What you need to know (Part 3)


As promised, this is Part 3 of the my series for some of the most common questions about Fishville Arena. Hope I will help to answer what you have been wanting to know.

The Arena Fishes require training.

To know if you have Arena Fishes you can simply hover your cursor over the fish of your choice. If your cursor shows a screen that displays something like this, you can be sure it is an Arena Fish. It should show the words Arena Fish at the top left hand corner, as well as the 4 statistics that you should be concerned with: Health, IQ, Agility and Strength.

You may also buy your Arena Fish from the Store. Look out for the red Arena Fish label.

To train an Arena Fish for the Arena Battle, you need to select the Arena Fish first. Once you click on it, you will see the statistics that are specific for that particular fish. You can then click on Train (green icon).

If you happen to click it in a non-Arena Tank, the abilities will be grayed out.

So you can go ahead and choose the special arena ability you want your fish to be specialised in. This is easy. You just need to click on the Add Food icon besides the particular ability (IQ, Agility or Strength).

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  1. Can you post more on the arena? Like, can you fight other peoples fish? And stuff like that, cause I don't really get what you do with it...

  2. I will try to post more. Most of my pictures are on my desk top. I now switch with my Darling No 1's laptop, his PC, my Magic (mobile phone) and my own PC. It is hard to keep track where I store all the pictures!

    I can't really know what to write unless I have my pictures in front of me.

    But you should be able to fight other people's fishes. Just go to your Arena Tank and start fighting... Maybe you can be more specific on what you mean?


thQnk :)


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