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Monday, July 12, 2010

Fishville - Arena : Training Screens (Part 7)

You will see the training journey for Long Hawk in this post.

After you click on the green Train button (after you already selected the Fish), you will be able to choose which fish you want to fight with. You have 3 choices.

I think FishVille automatically matches someone with your level.

Once you chose your opponent (by clicking on one of the 3 boxes at the bottom of the screen), you get to click on the 'Go!'. As you see, Long Hawk is ready!

Then the screen automatically updates (like the Glatical Fight or similar sounding game that Darling No1 plays in Facebook too). You may lose at higher levels (I don't know for sure because I haven't played any levels at all yet) but the lower training stages will not see you losing.

Oh I think I forgot to take a screen shot for the Results Page. But it told me that I won something - a Spiked Coral. And sure enough, it appeared in my Gift Box.

And when I click on Long Hawk again, his health dropped to 87 but it will heal over time. So when you train your Arena Fish, be ware of the health!

Caught the results page for the second fight. This time I won 1 Dazzling Lure. Oh yeah, turn on your speakers if you love the sound of cheering because when the results come out, the cheer really sounds like for the Arena. It is the usual cheer when your tank is loaded, actually.

And then Long Hawk KO'd a fish. And no Re-Match is possible (of course the fish is dead!)

Finally I took these screen shot, now I am going to train my fishes!

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