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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Annual trip to optician

Today is my annual trip to my optician.

I have been wearing contact lenses since 2005. I made my first pair out of sheer vanity, oh of course not. I made them because I needed to do exams invigilation and my eye sight wasn't perfect. I have lazy eye and needed to enhance like 250 degrees for my right eye.

My regular optician gave me a discount, according to him, because the lens for my left eye actually serves no purpose!

His business has remained prosperous over the yeaes, I believed due to his personalized service. He conducts his own eye check. But he has a new hire who did my eye test last year.

I did not like her, not being biased or that I prefer male attention. But she seems sloppy and not too polite. U don't care about her attitude but she did not do a thorough job in the eye checks and that's a huge no no for me.
If I can detect eye illnesses myself I won' t have to come down, a phone call is all I need to order a fresh pair of lens with the same degrees.

Or I could have switched to another shop nearer my house. It takes me an hour to travel to them and another hour to travel back!

Well I still support the shop because of the owner if nothing else. This is customer loyalty for me. Plus he says he gives me a discount *grins*

Leave me a message if you want to visit him in Toa Pa Yoh, Singapore.

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