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Saturday, June 19, 2010

FishVille - Dollar Gift

Thanks friend for the Dollar Gift!

Yes I am lucky to get the dollar but you are also lucky to see it! Yes, it is possible to get a dollar gift as a gift. Mine was through the Mystery Gift. Shall save it for the Gulf Coast Turtle Adoption cause. Will do another one perhaps on Sunday, my next block of free time.

If you have been conscientious following my FishVille posts, you will know that there are several ways to get FishVille Dollar. One of them is to get them through visiting your neighbour and getting a dollar gift from the treasure box. (See my previous post on how a treasure chest looks like).

If you still don't know, visiting your neighbors is good for you...

Hope you read my posts and enjoy your FishVille better *grins*

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Share and learn. Learn and share :)

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