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Monday, June 14, 2010

FishVille - Treat Rack Completed

Have you got your Treat Rack completed yet?

Well, I got mine today!

The completed Fish Treats you can get food such as the Insta-Grow (costs $6 FishVille Dollar per 25 pack), Coin Food (costs $3 FishVille Dollar per 25 pack), Mastery Food (costs $7,500 FishVille Coins per 25 pack), Supersize Food (costs $6 FishVille Dollar per 12 pack), XP Food (costs $5 FishVille Dollar per 25 pack) and the Shring Food (costs $3 FishVille Dollar per 6 pack).

These means that you can use this food to grow your fish, increase the sales of your fish (the profit in the money - you need to think and calculate if this is worth it?), boost mastery of your fishes by 25%, increase the size of your fish (why would you want that?), increase the XP you receive when selling your fish or simply reduce the size of your fish by 25%. I think the size changing food may attract players who do not have the Eternal Youth magic wand. I still have 2 kept in my gift box ;p

Well, as usually I used only FishVille Coins instead of Dollars, so I got the Mastery Food.

You can see that I got 25 packs after paying the coins.

When I attempted to use the Fish Mastery, the cursor turned in this food jar icon. 

I wanted to feed my Latticed Buttfly but as you can see, FishVille does not allow that. Because it is already at the maximum XP I think. Haha... Glad FishVille thought of that.

Well, I think another fish ate that food, because I did not see any Food Recovered sign. You may not have seen this before and I will try to take a printscreen in future. But this usually occurs when you drop a special food and it cannot be used (or eaten) by any of the fishes in the tank. The food will be recovered upon reaching the ground (bottom of the tank).

Hope this post helps you in deciding if the Treat Rack is worth the effort?

Well, for me, it is nothing because I have already got my Fish Mastery for all the Family / Groups. But for those of you who have not got it, you may want to just pay money for it. But why would you want to do that?

Personally I play FishVille only for leisure (and I like blogging *grins*)... plus it helps me to keep sane... Unless you got spare cash, but hey, why not send those to me? ;p

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