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Sunday, June 20, 2010

My bag...

I got my bag! 

Went shopping with WL yesterday and got a bag at 50% off from Takashimaya.

Some pictures taken from my magic.

By the way, I am surpised to see the pictures here at all. Normally when I send the pictures to my blog from my mobilephone, they have to be uploaded separately (aka manually) before they appear in the Blogger Editor. Now it automatically appears in my blog! 

(Honestly I haven't really tried sending photos directly from my mobile to the Blogger Editor for a few months now, because the last time I tried a few months back, I had to do it manually. I was using Chrome all along. Suppose this function just started working for Chrome or Win 7 or Draft Blogger?)

The bag has nice metal design, which is the secondary attraction point for me.

The thing that caught my eye was the size of the bag (not too big that I cannot handle. needed something that can be manipulated easy in a crowded train during the peak hours), the texture (glossy smooth bright brown), the design (simple bag that can be expanded to put 3 normal-size tissue box inside, I haven't actually tested it yet, but will tonight), the weight (WL said it is super light weight for its design), exquisite finishing (I like the buckets and what nots)...

Sending you some pictures before I take with my camera. 

I am so happy with this bag :)

Bought with my first pay (oh well, sort of like first pay, since it isn't the first time I got my pay from this company) and it was an unexpected find.

Actually I was searching the sale racks for WL. She wanted a bag and I was supposed to look at black heels and jackets. In the end, I got home with a book (for my Darling No 1, titled Strength Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath, will write a review if he lets me read his book) and this bag. I refused to tell him how much it is because I paid for it with my own money.

I do feel like I am hiding things from him (the way my colleagues, like LH, are hiding stuff from their husbands by stowing their purchases in the office. and no, I do not have 3 pairs of heels and 2 bags in my office cupboards) when I don't tell him how much it costs. But he is not entitled to know because it IS my own money. I am not extravagant but practical because I never buy bags (just 4 bags in my whole life and they don't cost much) and this bag will be well utilised since it is meant for work and leisure.

Only thing is, when should I start to use it? In July, as a birthday present for myself? Or now (since the current bag I am using, one of my mom's many bags, has a spoilt handle)?

Let me think about it....

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