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Sunday, June 13, 2010

FishVille - New Level of Achievement

To tell the truth, I am abit confused about the Diamond Awards.

Somewhere, out of the blue (yes I noticed the award is blue in color) I will get this type of notice:


You've discovered a new level of achievement!
Earn the Diamond award to show your friends that you're a FishVille master and earn a special reward!
Go for Diamond!

And when I click on the "Go for Diamond!", the next screen comes up. It always show some sort of award. This time it is the "Fish Lover" Platinum Trophy.

You got the "Fish Lover" Platinum Trophy for showing their fish love 250 times!

Well, I hate the grammar... it should me "your" instead of  "their" and I am just confused... But I always do the sharing... 2,000XP and 2,000 Coins are good! :)

I just went to my Awards and saw that oh, actually there IS a new level of achievement. I had thought that I had got all the awards there was in 26 Feb 2010.

Seems they actually added the Platinum (for me? *winks*)

Why hadn't they added the Top Tank thing yet? Hope they do that soon! And I think I deserve the award of sharing warning messages for friends! If you visit your friend's tank and see hungry fishes, you'll help too right! But only if you visit them....

Well you should have plenty of awards to look forward to...

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