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Friday, June 18, 2010

FarmVille - Rotate and Move Tool

This Rotate Tool is another feature that seems logical. It lets us turn buildings (like the animals rotation) so that we can place it just the way we want.

The instructions are easy:

Click an object to pick it up, then click again to place it. Use spacebar to rotate an object while you're holding it. Not all objects can rotate.

The new Move Tool is easy! This Recycle Tool is another feature that seems logical. It lets us sell or move items with out the right click. Saves some clicks!

Decorate with ease using the NEW FarmVille Move and Recycle Tools! Find them down inthe Tool Bar where your Multi Tool is!

Check out the NEW Move Tool to quickly move and place items and the new Recycle Tool to delete items with ease! Find them in the Tool Bar above the Multi Tool!

Well you should also have this thing: Rotatable Buildings (read more here). Honest, I don't have much buildings on my farm because I needed all the space I can get for my crops and animals! Turns out, the Nursery, Horse Stable doesn't rotate!

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