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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mafia Wars - Happy Birthday, 2 year old

Got this cute poster:

Mafia Wars
Celebrate 2 years of crime! (sounds evil!)
For two days, get TWICE THE LOOT from all fights. Fight for new loot only dropped in fights. Fight for revenge. Fight now.
Here are 5 free Throwing Knives (+65 attack skill) to get you started!
I am not sure I got those because I am having some problems with my feed tonight. Can't seem to post anything!

The new You ICED your opponent poster is cute too!

Help your friends become the cold-blooded killer that you are by offering them a FREE Liquid Courage boost, which will increase their attack skill by 44 in their next fight!
I think I am too tired to scour my wall for any more feeds now, just going to surrender to my bed...
Bye all, dreamland for me now...

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