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Sunday, June 20, 2010

I felt cheated!

(This post was created on my mobile yesterday, after I left home to meet WL for shopping. Publishing the next day after the shopping trip)

Today I had a light snack before meeting WL for shopping.

Decided to have my usual Jacobs biscuit. My favorite flavor was the Less Salt one. But my dad likes the High Iron one, so when I do my grocery, I make sure to get what he likes.

This week, the biscuit finished. I didn't have time to top up and my mom got some. She got another type - High Calcium.

I ate that and found it quite salty, but it tasted like the High Iron. Usually when I do my shopping, I read the labels to compare the nutrition values. And I read labels for fun too. Just did that while enjoying my High Calcium snack.

It shows 29 something of fats, thought that was pretty high so I took the High Iron container which displayed the nutrition information I wanted. (Now I verified this 29 something of fats on the website but it did not appear? I will go back home to check the packaging to see where did that came from)

Compared the 100g version of both flavors and I felt cheated! 

No, it wasn't about the fats. (By the way, the High Calcium flavor type contains less fats) It was the level of iron in both flavors. It was the same!

Putting that aside, when everything else is being compared, the High Calcium flavor is actually more healthy!
I felt cheated because I could have gotten more iron and calcium at the same time. Nevermind the salt.

The other thing that shocked me was that the single ingredient that was different in both flavor - skimmed milk.
I was thinking, hey you used milk to get more calcium into the food?

If you read my posts on The China Study, you will know I am against eating mainly animal proteins.
Well I am in half a mind to banish Jacobs from my house.

But it will be tough because there are no other brands that offer better nutritious biscuits in Bukit Batok.
We will see.

Just realised the Jacobs Biscuit (made in Malaysia) may be different from this Jacob's (The brand name in the Republic of Ireland is owned by Jacob Fruitfield Food Group and in the United Kingdom it is owned under license by United Biscuits. ).

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