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Thursday, June 24, 2010

FarmVille - Dairy Farm Expansion

Dairy Farms played an important part in my Farm.

They help me to keep my farm clutter-free of cows, and you do not know how many cows I have now, and how many I've got rid of during my 8 months of FarmVille. Yes, I have been on FarmVille for 8months, since October last year. (That is 2009).

Anyways, I have the maximum number of Dairy Farms that I am allowed to have and that wasn't enough. Fortunately, FarmVille finally emphatise with me (and alot more others) and let us expand our Dairy Farms.

So it looks like that...

No changes for the Barns...

oh just to share, I got this white ribbon for Horse Power... The reward was for 100XP and $2,500 FarmVille Coins. I think this is the standard rewards for all ribbons now...

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