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Saturday, June 19, 2010

FarmVille - Farmers Market

This post is long overdue. But as I always say, better late than never! (And this post is long! Take your time to read it by book-marking this page.)

(Actually I have a few type of Bushels in my Farm, if you care, just come by to collect!)

Well, the deal with Farmer's Market is that you got to harvest. The whole point of FarmVille is to grow crops or harvest animals or trees over time.

The Farmer's Market is a spin-off from these activities. So if you harvest from your crops, you get additional stuff... such as a bushel. A bushel is a bundle of harvest. It is just a mathematical unit. The wikipedia defines it as an imperial and U.S. customary unit of dry volume, equivalent in each of these systems to 4 pecks or 8 gallons.

Each time you harvest a crop, you might fight a bushel of that crop. When you find them, you get extra bushels for crop mastery. Crop bushels are used to speed up your mastery or XP progress, to unlock seeds that you can't yet buy in the Market, and to craft items in your Crafting Cottage (Coming soon).

Well, I find that if you use the normal Harvester, you tend to be able to pick up the Bushel quite easily. It applies to the flowers for the Flower Stand (aka Garden Shed) too.

Anyway the first step is for you to place your Market Stall.
When you harvest a bushel, your Market Stall is set to sell those bushels for 24 hours. If you've mastered the crop, your stall will stay open longer.! When your friends shop at your Market Stall, you'll get rewards!

Then you can start to earn your mastery points! Well, first you gotta know that you need Bushels for the mastery points. (Can't help but think that this concept is tied to the FishVille Mastery and the Cooking Mastery in Cafe World! *Zynga is running out of ideas?)

You will get a free Market Stall from FarmVille. If you have lost that free gift, you can still buy it in the Market.

You can get it either from either your own farm (from growing and harvesting from crops) or from your neighbor's Market Stall. (more of this later).

But after you got it, you need to click on the Use to boost your productivity.

Bushels you find are stored in your Market Stall. You can spend your bushels to boost your productivity on the farm! First click your Market Stall and select "Farmer's Market", then click the "My Bushels" button, and then click the "Use" button under the bushel.

After you use the bushel, you will see an icon for the crop that you have used. This means that you will stand to gain better mastery points for that crop, when you harvest it. It will not work if you selected to use a crop that you are not planting. It will also not work if you do not do the harvesting within the time limit of 2 hours (I think). Oh yes, this works whether you are using the Harvestor (for both 3 by 3 plots or 2 by 2 plots) or clicking on the crop manually (1 by 1 plot).

If you are working on mastering a crop, consuming a bushel of it will give you a bonus +1 mastery point each time you harvest the crop! This boost only lasts for 2  hours, so make sure you harvest your crops right after using the bushel!

If you have not planted a crop, you can still get a crop mastery bonus of +1 from the bushels on your friends's farm.

By visiting your friend's Market Stall, you could get a bushel for a crop you can't plant yet! Then you can use it to get a temporary license to buy and plant that crop. This boost lasts for 2 hours.

Another benefit of the bushel, is that after you used one, you can get XP for it too!

If you have a crop mastered, consuming a bushel of it will give you a bonus +1 XP each time you harvest that crop! This boost lasts for 2 hours.

Oh FarmVille expects you to do house keeping too. There is a maximum of 30 (or was it 50?)  bushels per market stall. I haven't try to buy a 2nd Market Stall yet (you can do that to increase your capacity). Sharing the bushels you have collected (either from your own harvest at your farm or from your neighbors' Market Stall) will give you space for new stock!

If your inventory gets full, to make room, you can share some of the bushels with your friends. Just select the bushel, and then choose how many you want to share. Just select the bushel, and then choose how many you want to share!

The opening hours for the Market Stall may be extended. So far, I don't understand why I want to extend the Market Stall opening hours. It doesn't seems to give me any benefit since I will only benefit from using the bushels. Can someone explain this to me?

When you harvest a bushel, your Market Stall is set to sell those bushels for 24 hours. If you've mastered the crop, your stall will stay open longer! If you're already selling the crop, finding another bushel will keep your stall open longer too!

As I said before, the opening of of the Market Stall only allows your neighbor to take bushels from it. They can't take out of the actual inventory. Instead, what they can see is a maximum of 3 bushels. If they take all 3, they can share a special reward. But this reward seems not explained in the FarmVille Crop Mastery Guide.
Your neighbors can buy bushels at your Market Stall. But don't worry, you won't take bushels out of your inventory! Instead, a stall sells bushels until the timer runs out and it closes.

It is only stated that you earn rewards. So far, I think it is Coins, XP or Fuel. I shall try to remember to take a picture of it the next time I load my FarmVille.
Each time your neighbors take bushels, you earn rewards! The more neighbors who shop at your Market Stall, the more rewards you'll earn. 

Oh here are the rewards ;p

If you see a big arrow over your Market Stalls, it means you have some rewards to collect! Just click your Market Stall and you'll see your rewards page. Then choose which type of reward you want!

You can stop selling a particular type of crop and switch to another one if you are tired of your first type of stock.
If you want to change what type of bushels your Market Stall is selling, you can close it early. Closing a stall returns the stall to its neutral state so you can re-open it by harvesting a different type of crop.

 You can also shop from your own stall! This means that you do not have to visit your neighbors' farm to go to their stall. It is like a mini gateway or portal to transport you there. I call it online shopping! ;p

From your own Market Stall, you can see the bushels your friends are offering. You can take up to 3 bushels from each friend. Just click the "Get Bushels" button and start shopping!

Of course you can actually go to your friend's farm and get those bushels.

You can shop for bushels while visiting your friends' farm. Just click on one of their open Market Stalls to take what you want. But remember, you can only take 3 bushels from each friend.

If you already have a particular type of stock in your Market Stall or Stock, you can still harvest another type without worries. It will be added to your stock.

Each time you harvest a crop, you have a chance to find a bushel of that crop. And you get more bushels from crops you have mastered!

Of course, not to forget the Wall Feed Posts!

Your friends will often give away bushels by posting FarmVille events. If you're one of the first to click on one of those messages, you can get a bushel from it!

As I mentioned earlier in my FishVille post, I will try to cut the number of pictures I am posting.

You may want to view my other FarmVille posts or surf around my blog. If you like, please visit my Support page.
Share and learn. Learn and share :)

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