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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mafia Wars - Las Vegas

Just wondering, did you go to Las Vagas?  I think I missed the boat!

When I click on this banner (just above the game events), it goes back to nothing! I think I just missed it! Well, I don't have much time anyway, so there.... Hope you get something nice, those of you who went for it.

But the banner does show the Loot event to be from 25 June 12am to 30 June!

Well, I still got loot event (Why is this font blue in color? I think it is time for me to sleep again... before my pc starts playing more tricks on me)...

Anyway I got a High Roller (46 Attack 23 Defence) and also a Stage Show Tiger (28 Attack and 50 Defence). 

Time for bed now... night!

Adding this because I can't sleep otherwise...

Somehow I got this screen in Mafia Wars: It shows the numbe of weapons, arms, vehicles and Animals I have collected. I suppose this is what Mafia Wars have been trying to do: encourage more people to have animals, instead of the usual weapons and armor and vehicles for fighting/robbing...

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