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Saturday, June 26, 2010

sms scheduler

Oh I remembered I was telling WL about the applications I was using my Magic phone.

One of it was this SMS scheduler (you can find it here That time, we were talking about it in a hotel, before our Pink Run.

I told her and she did a search, I think the next day or a few days after, she said that she found the application but it was not free to use. It was then I realised that the iphone wasn't all that good!

In fact, the other day I was telling my Darling No 1, that there was a time when I saw 3 guys, all around the same age, wearing office attire, seated side by side on the train. They were really engrossed with the gadget in their hand - iPhone!

It seems like it is the trend now, even my Darling No 1 also was thinking of getting one. I definitely buck the trend and have never been a conformer. Why should I get what everyone else is / will be using? Get a life, live your own life the way you want, not how everyone is.

So what if everyone sends sms with a phone, gets married before 30years old, suffers from a lack of work-home-life balance and gets sick from not eating enough vegetables. Do you want to be like them?

I used to think that you got to buy presents for everyone and to give them on their birthday. Then I went to send sms only on the day of the birthday. Now, I schedule the message as and when I remembered it and it gets sends out.

Do the things you want, when you want, and how you want it. Ultimately, you want only the end result and you want to enjoy the process.

Live Life!

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