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Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Cup: RSA - Mexico (1-1) & Uruguay - France (0-0)

did you watch the world cup last night?

I got myself glued to the tv from 9.30pm onwards.

RSA (Republic of South Africa) - Mexico

It wasn't a good match actually, and I wanted a draw, just to prove that the mexico did not travel a long way to get an hour and a half time of play!

But the show was really good! It showed a different side of South Africa, and I liked the aeroplane display. The tall buildings that were covered with pictures of the footballers were really outstanding too!

Plus the advertisement of the young girl dressed in white really made me feel that Africa is a young developing country!

In fact both Darling No 1 and me feel that there were some players who did not put in their best effort! No doubt there were fierce attack in the first half of the match but the fight was really quite non-existent in the 2nd half!

Uruguay - France

I managed to wake up for the 2nd match but my Darling No 1 did not! Since I wanted company, I accompanied him on his visit to dreamland... Wonder if it was any good?

More Matches

I shall be unable to catch the next match (South Korea - Greece) at 7.30pm tonight, I had already promised my best friends to meet them for dinner. It was the first time we meet for the 2nd half of this year... Hope to catch the 10pm (Argentina - Nigeria) one though.

Just to share, alot of girls really do not understand soccer at all and I feel their partners (boyfriends, guys whom they are dating, spouse or what-ever) should be kind and explain. If you don't explain, we will never know!

It is just like fish rearing. If you do not explain what is going on, how do you expect someone to understand? You may learn through reading or watching match after match to understand the game. But do you really want your girlfriend to do the same? Wouldn't you rather she spends her time putting make up or making your favorite drink? I know these sounds like girly things to do but do you know it takes experience to be able to do good make up or to serve a good drink? Bet you can't learn make up by just watching her doing it for 1.5hours. So do not expect a girl to understand soccer in 1.5hours.

Lucky my Darling No 1 has been explaining (well, on and off) to me over the years we've been together. In fact, I learn through some of my male colleagues. Some of them, PT, RN and some others who have since left the company, were willing to share with me. But it was because we were talking to pool our bets together. But they were all married men and some how, were better in understanding girls. (In Singapore, we say that they are well-trained! *Grins*)

Well, that's it for this post.

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