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Thursday, June 24, 2010

FishVille - Neighbor Fish Mastery

FishVille does not seem to want to stop the Fish Mastery.

Now FishVille is using the Fish Mastery to lure more players. I guess this is a good strategy, seeing that most people are now playing Fish Mastery. At least, most of my playing neighbors are.

But I do see a few playing or keeping the VIP fishes, which was launched around 1month ago. I am starting to think, that most of the events that are launched seems to kick into full gear around 1 month later. So, I guess, only like in mid July, we will see more people getting the Fish Mastery, or maybe 2 months... Since I think it is really quite difficult to play.

Anyway, the new fish can be bought for $30 Sand FishVille Dollars. Or you can have it for 3 neighbors. I think it is really easy to do that. Though I don't think the fish seems cute.

It is called the Fairy Wrasses. I am guessing there are another 3 types, so a total of 4 new type of fishes available.

Let me post more when my internet works better and when my pictures are appearing.

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