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Monday, June 28, 2010

FrontierVille - Game Play

Are you curious about how FrontierVille is about?

It is actually similar to FarmVille but it is more adventurous, definitely different from Social City.

The setting is in a countryside, with country music. The game requires you to get energy for activities. I did not notice this when I started the game and just anyhow clicked! Be careful when you are playing yours.

Well, when you are out of energy, you can buy food to increase them.I think I wasted my HorseShoes. This is actually the credit you pay with your money. I think at the start of the game you are given like 10 credits (based on my printscreens).

There is this cute Frontier Jack who helps you.  He starts off by telling you what you should be doing... farming!

Well the first thing I learnt from him was the farming and that you get coins from it! And also XP and food. After you do the stuff (clear plants, cut wood, harvest from crops, or feed animals like chicken) you get the rewards. You have to pick them up. I suspect they disappear into thin air when you don't pay attention!


The experience from crops is interesting. You get something for it, quite different from FarmVille.


The game is interesting because you get to do different things, besides just farming your crops and harvesting from animals. You get to do different small projects. But I am not sure if this is just for the immediate few stages. Let me explore more. But for now, let's just assume it is many small projects.

Well, one of the animals that you get to keep (which is already in your farm) is chick! I suspect it is given to let you be interested in the game, at least I was!

Some pictures of how I fed the 3 chickens. You get XP and coins for it. Click the pictures to see how much Coins, XPs you get for the chickens.


The game also makes you grow the number of players for FrontierVille. I think the game builds on the Zynga concept of pulling players in through their players!

After loading the game for like 7minute, Frontier Jack tells you that more neighbors are needed!

Indeed, this is not lost on me, especially when I visited the Market (another story for now).

Somewhere, I received this love letter. I thought it was an invitation from another player but seems not. Then as I progressed through the game, I realised that there are collectibles too! Much like FarmVille. But I do not know how to see what I have collected so far. But I know there's lots of things to collect....

Along the way, I went to clear as much grass as I can click. The game seems abit slow since the chopping of trees or clearing grass literally makes you wait for them! (reminds me of how FarmVille was like). The clicking and waiting concept seems applicable to CafeWorld too. Anyway soon I was out of energy.

Then I went to eat the food. Of course you got to pay for it, at the Market. But once you have cleared that, Frontier Jack tells you that you are ready to tame the wilderness. Nice!

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