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Monday, June 21, 2010

More Pictures of My bag, sweater and my black heels!

More pictures of my bag, sweater and my black heels. Got them with my Darling No 1 at Bugis Junction.

Took with my camera...

This is a gray top is extremely long and snug. I got it from The Little Voice at the corner of the main  Bugis Building on level one. It was the first clothing that caught my eye, since I started my shopping yesterday at Orchard. Got it at $28.80 and it has designs near the cuff and the sleeve. We saw a similar design on level 2 at a shop call Cotton. It was slightly more expensive ($1?) with a different design. But I liked mine more.

Oh this was the paper bag that came with it. It is worth a mention because the paper bag was sew and not glued together.The brown half K design is the trademark logo of the shop.

This is my black heels. Doesn't look very high, does it? It gives me at least 2.5 inch of superiority (yes, talk about ego) and is just as classic as me. (yes, yes, I hear you).

This pair is again similar to my Mary Jane (remember her?) But with heels. Yes, I do love heels. This one comes with some sort of pleats and make them look just abit more feminine than my normal choice.

Oh and yes, I want to share something. During my shopping these 2 days, I realised I have never shared (not even with my close friends) how I choose shoes. There is a certain technique or certain quality that I look for.

Will write another article on this.

Well pictures of my bag! As you can see, the bag has a very simple design, no frills or pleats. But it is definitely very shiny. Yes I do love shiny stuff. (Just need to repeat myself *grins*)

The bag, when left alone on the floor.

Opening it up abit wider...

Another picture...

This is how it looks like when I hold it up, back view.

Top view of the bag, when I hold it up.
If you can see, the blue card is the "tag" that came with it. No, not price tag.

View from the front, when I hold it up. (The bag has a zipper pocket and obviously, the front does not.)

Another view. As you can see, I am using flash. The light bounces off my hand and casting a shadown on the floor.

Another view. Just to show you, I put in my old Sony Erikson handphone, K750, into the pocket. Actually all you can see is the dangling thing that I hang on it, (the green jade and the red string).

Front view of the bag, when left alone on the floor. The bag folds itself quite nicely, cover the folds of the zipper. It is a good design, I must say!

The bag is really nice, relatively soft to the touch and really light. Will weigh it tomorrow. Anyway, the bag is really my ideal color too (and shine). Only thing that I found (to my dismay) is that it is not waterproof. According to the blue tag (that came with it), the designer wanted it to remain un-treated for water proofing, so that the natural shine and texture will remain. Well, I was abit concern, since I am the sort who will go into the rain just like that!

But I am naturally like that. So even if the bag really spoils, I guess, I will just accept it.

Oh one thing I learnt from the sales person (I kept her waiting, as I told her I will be back after dinner) was that you should never, ever wash (leather or not) bags. I did not know and I think I did that to one of my charles and keith pvc black bag and it became so tattered that I had to throw it away. If only I knew then!

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