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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Unconditional Love

Yesterday I went out and did not come home. I stayed over at my Darling No 1's.

When I came back this evening, my Darling No 2 and Darling 3 were waiting for me at the gate. This seems nothing but the story is better represented by tonight's episode of Drop Dead Diva.

Jen was representing a client who was sue-ing a company. He paid good money to get a clone of his Show Dog, David Beckam No 1, a golden retriever. But this second dog, called David Beckam No 2, does not behave like David Beckam No 1. Jen won the case for him and told him he had to return his David Beckam No 2. He did not want that and said something to this effect:

But David Beckam No 2 never leaves my side! He may not be like David Beckam No 1 who would be sitting up in an alert position. David Beckam No 1 knows that he cannot come into my room but David Beckam No 2 knows where I am at all times of the day! He comes into my room even when I told him not to and never listens to me. He licks me up everyday and can't wait to wake me up!
Oh, this is loyalty. That exactly describes my relationship with Darling No 2. He never does anything but stick by me.

This is why I know that I have to do what is the best for him. Because he loves me. And I love him.

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