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Saturday, June 19, 2010

FishVille - Gift Bar

Before I move to Mafia Wars, did you notice that FishVille has this new Gift Bar?

It's another trick (or way) to get us to send more gifts. But I do think that the gifts are already very user friendly.

The gifts are nicely separated into gifts that are sent to you and help requests. After you have accepted the gifts from your friends (not necessary your neighbors), you can actually fulfil those help requests like Treat Racks, or Pearl requests, etc. (It's abit late and I can't remember that well, and if you hear what my friends say, they'll tell you I cannot remember at all, which is true. Now what was I saying? *bleah*)

Oh yes, the Gift Bar. Erm, I don't have time to explore it yet, but if it appears un-usual (my definition of this: different concept or operation from the normal gift page), I shall post the picture for it. Only if it is different.

I am trying to cut down on some of the pictures because I realised my blog loads abit slow because of all my pictures. And I somehow have this buggy feeling that BlogSpot is not going to allow me post unlimited pictures. I do hope they will but because they have partnered with this (oh yes, I just remembered that the name of this application is in the picture icon and I just clicked it to see) Picasa , and I read their terms and conditions which limits my storage space to some limits which I cannot remember (yes, one miss here)...

So I guess the day I run out of space, I will just have to stop posting pictures. But meanwhile I will still do that.

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