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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mafia Wars - Global Cup

Imagine the World Cup is influencing Mafia Wars... in the form of the Global Cup! Nice twist of the world, erm I mean word.

Well this appears today... 18 June 2010 Friday and it says:

Event ends Wednesday 6/23 at 12.00am (PST)
- Master the Global Cup Job to 100%
- Complete the Global Cup Collection
- Winners are Grinners Achievement

If you click on the Master the Global Cup Job to 100%, you will see that there are 3 types of jobs. Similar to the Valentines Day, St Patricks Day Collection and blah blah blah. Rewards are the collectible item or the Event Item.

The Collectibles are:

English Ball - drops on Jobs
Brazilian Ball - Drops on Global Cup Job
Italian Ball - Drops on Fights Won
Spanish Ball - Gifted from Free Gifts
French Ball - Drops on Jobs
German Ball - Drops on Global Cup Jobs
Argentinean Ball - Drops on Fights Won

Can't help but feel that these seems to be some sort of betting favorites? 

Here is what my collection looks like now. At least an Italian ball.

Oh I tried to click on the Vault thing but it doesn't come up. Nothing! yeah, maybe because I haven't done anything for it but I will be...

Oh do let me know if you need any balls, leave a comment here and I will send you (if you are one of my Mafias).

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