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Saturday, June 12, 2010

FishVille - Gulf Coast Turtle

Just went to my FishVille. Found a lot of dirty greens in my Arena Tank and I cleaned them up. It was really unusually dirty!

After it was done, I saw this notice.

Well, little did I know that it was the Help Gulf Coast Animal event! The message from FishVille says:

Thanks for cleaning your tank! For one week, you have an opportunity to help clean birds and wildlife in the Gulf Coast. (So that means the tank is going to get really dirty for this one week!) And it says Buy the Gulf Coast Turtle and 50% of all proceeds will go to Audubon to support its Gulf Coast recovery efforts.

Then the next screen shot shows that FishVille has joined Audubon to support its Gulf oil spill response & recovery efforts. I thought I should do something and since it's free money given by FishVille, I thought why not? I clicked on the $25 FishVille Dollar.

It then shows the grayed out / washed out version of the turtle.

After clicking on it (I guess FishVille wants to make sure you are really certain before selling you what you want), it turned into its normal color tone.

FishVille then send a Thank You For Helping Gulf Coast birds & wildlife habitat! I wish it were really that easy (one click) to solve real life issues!

Sharing that option...

And it came onto my wall...

Decided to move that turtle back to my tank 1...

Please help them if you can, especially since FishVille is paying for you to do it! I shall be back later this evening, heading out now...

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