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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Social City - Garbage!

Today I found Garbage in my new town!

It looked really horrible and have a peek if you want...

After clicking on it, Social City display a notice about the Southeast Public Works.

Garbage is overflowing all over the district! Your garbage trucks are ready to go, but need 1 energy to clean up the mess!

It then shows that I have 4 energy but it doesn't allow me to clean! I must say this is similar to the Coffee Concept in Cafe World. I haven't blog about the Coffee in Cafe World but I am not about to. Let's just say that Zynga is / has been recycling game ideas all over her games!

The point of having a virtual city is to have a imaginary world to escape to, isn't it? Why do they have to invent garbage in this world?

Okay, I hear you, reality check, you say? *faint* Then give me some Spas or really nice greeneries! Why garbage?

Will they give us Sea, Mountains too?

Anyway, here is how you get rid of it... yucks!

Well, I tried to click on the Clean Garbage thing but as you can see, it is faded in color. It doesn't allow me to clean. So there.... Will update again if I can do it.

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