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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

FaceBook - How to hide Feeds or Posts

Just in case you are irritated by my Facebook Game posts or feeds, you can choose the hide the application in 3 easy steps. Here is how. (I will be coming up with a post on how to Un-Hide the FaceBook Feeds or Posts in a few days time, do look out for it!)

Step 1) Hover your cursor on any feed from me (or any one else) that you want to hide (Eg: CafeWorld, FarmVille, FishVille, Mafia Wars, Social City, Sorority Life, or Vampire Wars etc). You should see the Hide Button on the right side of the message.

Step 2) Once you click on the Hide button, you will be asked if you want to hide all of my message or only the application. You can choose to cancel the hide process too. In my example, the application I want to hide is call Status Shuffle.

Step 3) Click the Middle Hide button that shows the name of the application. 

Once it is done, you will see a message telling you that it is hidden from your News Feed.

You will need to choose to hide all the applications that I use, or you could simply hide me. But if you do that, you will not see any of my posts on your wall anymore, including status update.

If you need to know how to un-hide feeds or posts, click here...

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