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Monday, April 19, 2010

FishVille - White Face Sturgeon

Dear FishVille Friends, thank you for adding me!

Yes now I can buy the White Face Surgeon at $300 FishVille Coins...

This is from the Store... at $300 FishVille Coins..

Of course you can choose to buy each at $3 FishVille Dollar...

I do think that nowadays the pricing for the fishes in dollars and the sales of the fish, does not make sense anymore. There is no market rate for the Coins and Dollars... 

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  1. how do u unlock that fish? i cant purchase with normal gold

  2. Hi Anonymous

    The White Face Sturgeon was available as a neighbor fish in April 2010 when I did that post. I just checked and it is not available as a neighbor fish anymore.

    This means that you cannot pay for it with FishVille Coins but only with the FishVille Dollar.

    If you are looking for 1.5 day fishes, I am afraid it is not available now (Jun 2010).

    You can try 2 day fishes or just go for 1 day fishes. All the fishes will starve for 3 days before they die. It is better to have your 1-day starving fishes then to wait for 2-day fishes to mature.

    Hope this helps!


thQnk :)


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