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Friday, April 23, 2010

How I got Silverlight Out of Win 7

Since I shut down my PC (and did the automated update) on 19 April 2010, my PC was lagging at times. I did not think much and just carried on.

It got to me today. Decided to do something about it.

I thought about it and decided it must be another microsoft product that was the culprit. I then went through my Installed update. It couldn't be the Veetle program that my Darling No 1 got me to install? (He wanted me to try if it works, so that me, the guinea pig, can tell him if it works on Win 7 before he proceeds to install on his new PC. It should be delivered this evening).

Then I thought again, well, I don't recall doing any manual windows update!

Next thing I know, I saw that the setting was automatic! I must have clicked that option when I installed something, oh wait, that Microsoft Connector! Damn!

Well, that is sneaky but I know what to do now.

I went to find my Windows Installed Updates (Useful read: How to view your Windows Installed Updates for Win 7) and scrutinised the dates when the updates were downloaded.

Well, I don't think the Microsoft Connector I installed to get Hotmail on my Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 (I am not moving on to Microsoft Outlook 2010) was the main problem, since I also experienced the lag when I terminated Microsoft Outlook (and the Microsoft Connector).

Then what was it?

Well, there were the normal Office Add-Ins and I don't think the problem would come from that... But I went on to restore my PC to after the Microsoft Connector was installed. Well, the lag was there still! (I loaded my FarmVille and the lag was obvious!)

I decided to do one more restore point and that had to get the Microsoft Connector out. Too bad I have to manually configure my emails again but I would do it willingly to get rid of the lag.

So after I've done that (not much waiting to be done, that's the power of Win 7 *grins*) I went to look at the installed updates. Of course the first thing I did, was to change the setting from automatic to user controlled ones.

Then the next thing I know, oh there are windows update to be done! (of course, I expected it but not so fast!)

Then I saw there were 3 updates. (Useful read: How to check and change your Windows Updates Settings for Win 7) And I found that indeed Silverlight from Microsoft was the culprit! and it was actually part of the Office Update too!

Now look at this. I clicked on the Office Live Add-In 1.4 for more information (which appears on the right of the screen).

It shows that the update will bring in Silverlight! That is a big NO-NO for me!

Well, thankfully I am able to use the System Restore to remove Silverlight. If you are doing a System Restore and succeeded, you will be able to see a screen that shows this. Let me know if you need a tutorial on how to do a System Restore - just leave me a message!

Glad that I managed to get rid of the Silverlight thing and managed to solve my lagging issue :)

You can visit to confirm your version of Silverlight or learn from Bob on how to repair your Silverlight.

Glad to show you this screen:

Of course if you do a search on Google, there are other ways you can find the version but I think this is the best, since it is ranked number one on the search.

Useful read: 

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