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Sunday, April 25, 2010

How to sync your Google Calender with Microsoft Outlook 2007

Hi, another tutorial from me. This time, I want to share with you on how to sync your Google Calender with Microsoft Outlook 2007.

I did this because I wanted to link up my calender from Google. Usually I use my Magic (Android phone) to key in my appointments. But since I've decided to use my PC more often, I needed to link it up so that it's more convenient for me.

So there it is.

Step 1) I went to download the Google Calendar Sync (version at this link from Google

Step 2) Install the Google Calendar Sync. I accepted all the options (and of course the terms and conditions, read that!) When you completed it, you should see this pop-up.

And this Google Calender Icon will appear on your desk top.

This also appeared (Start Menu) - Google Calender Sync.

Step 3) Log into your Google Calender. The website is

Step 4) Select the Drop-Down Arrow for the Calender you want to add.

In my example, it is orange in color. If you notice, there is another calender in green. As I want to do the setup for the Orange Calender,  I click on the drop down arrow besides it, circled in Red (See Red Arrow 1)

Step 5) Then you should click on Calender Setting. (See Red Arrow 2)

Step 6) Click on the ICAL highlighted in Green.

Step 7) You will see this pop up. Right click to Copy Link or something to this effect. Do not click on it.

Step 8) Open Microsoft Outlook.

Step 9) Go to Accounts Settings - Click on Tools and Account Settings

Step 10) Create an Internet Calendar Account in Microsoft Outlook - Click on Internet Calendars and New

Step 11) Add the URL that you have just copied from Step 7 into that Account (also known as New Internet Calendar Subscription). You can do a Copy Paste (short cut keys are Control-V). You will also need to add in the Folder Name and Description. Click Add.

Step 12) You will see account setup once everything is done.

Step 13) Depending on the time interval you asked the Google Calendar Sync to sync (Default is 120 minutes that is 2 hours), your Calender will be synced. I chose the 2 way syncing with 10minutes interval. You can always click on the Google Calender Sync in Step 2 to update your timing.

Patience is a virtue and your calender should get sync by the timing you set.

First you will see your new calender appearing in Outlook. I changed the folder by from Other Calender to My Calendars by dragging it.

Also if you display all your calenders together (check the box besides the calender - picture not shown here), you can subsequently display them side by side.

I verified the updates by adding different new events in Outlook (bath) and Google Calender(angbao packet). They both appeared in both places and in my HTC Magic too.

This is the synced calender in Google Calender.

This is the synced calender in Outlook. 

So, it isn't that hard to sync the events in Win 7 64-bit for Microsoft Outlook 2007 and Google Calendar. It works!

Everything is working fine now. I set the sync timing to be 10minutes. I am now having 1 common password for my emails by the way. I intend to change it in a day or two. I don't know if I would then have any of the problems that these people were having from the websites I were surfing for more information:

Google Group for Google Calender

Google Support for Calender

*I was having much the same issue.  It seems that a few of us might 
have hit on the roght combination of settings.  Take a look at my 
comment (comment #79) and the one before it (#78) for some insight. 
Essentially, I think the others have been correct in how to set it up: 
in the GSync tool, use your Outlook primary email address (the one 
from Exchange, in my case and probably yours), but use your GMail 
account password.  In GCal, give your Exchange identity full 
permissions to your calendar.  It's been working for me all day today 
without asking about the delete anymore.  Actually, the sync I just 
performed was super-fast, so it ~might~ not have even done the delete/ 
refresh we've been seeing. 

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Share and learn. Learn and share :)

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