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Friday, April 30, 2010

FarmVille - Botanical Garden

(Warning: This is a rather lengthy post. Scroll to the bottom of this post for the links to send Botanical Garden material).

FarmVille gave me a surprise today.

You can buy the Botanical Garden for $50 FarmVille Dollar. There is a Botanical Garden frame that costs $5,000 FarmVille Coins. I had to have it!

So off I went to redecorate my Farm again.

Felt that no matter how it goes, there are so many things that are cluttering my Farm now and I gotta sell them!

So I booted off a few of my decorations - a weather vane, a lil yellow wagon, one or two No Gophers and No Crows sign boards that were displayed on my farm. Also, a few of the Black and Pink Farmhouses had to go (I needed to de-clutter my Storage!)

These are the stuff that I got rid off. I had two of all items! Thanks to friends who gave me the Mystery Box. These are the latest items that you can get from it. Interesting!



Oh yes, not to forget my Llama! I can't exactly remember if it is from the Mystery Box or from a friend's Feed...

So anyway I went to place the $5,000 frame on my farm and shared this good news!

After getting rid of those stuff (and keeping some back into my Storage), I managed to clear my Flower Patch. If you remembered, I had some roses growing besides my Flower Shed.

Now it's just some tomatoes and the fruit crates besides my ready-to-build Botanical Garden *grins*

So I went to "Look Inside" and found that A good friend has already sent me the Glass Sheet! *grins* This "Look Inside" function is really useful. It allows you to check on your progress. Well, a total of 10 items are needed for each type of material. There are the Irrigation Pipe, Green Beam, Glass Sheet, White Trellis and the Floral Bracket.


I went to click on the What is this? and this notice came up:

Ask your friends for parts to build the Botanical Garden - a beautiful green haven to decorate your farm with! It requires 10 of each construction component from your friends to complete!

Just one funny thing. I saw this from a friend's feed. For Triple or Single Parts. (Now when did the "S" for Single Parts came in? Bad spelling??)

Screen for Triple Parts

Screen for Single Parts

I rather be asking my neighbors for materials than spend $1 buck on it. And No, I won't be spending $50 FarmVille Dollar on the completed set.

Links to send materials for the Botantic Garden Building
These works even if you (or your neighbor) don't have the item in your Gift Page.


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