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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I have 2 grass grazing dogs!

Haven't posted any pictures of my darlings recently. Here's a recent dog walk.

This is my Darling No Two. Enjoying his grass patch - a recent pass time.

This is my Darling No Three. Sniffing around to see which grass taste nicer!

There, the two of them. My girl is a bit wet because she went down the drain. Literally!

I have took 3 videos of them playing. View them here.

The First Video

The Second Video

The Third Video

You can see from the videos that my Darling No 3 is super fast. She dashes instead of runs. Her agility simply amazes me.

The videos show them as how they love the nature. It is how I feel a dog should be, allowed to run free.

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