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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

FishVille - Mushroom Mound (Redemption)

Well I went to redeemed the 4 items that I really wanted, within the reach of my 37 Mushrooms that I have now.

Well this is the first item - Baby Dragon. He looks so playful, I thought he'll make a good playmate for my Bunnies!

Then I was surprised that FishVille offered to let me share it with someone. Of course I had to give to my Darling No 1!

Then my 2nd redemption - the Frog Prince!

And I thought a 2nd White Musketeer wouldn't hurt!

And when I placed the Baby Dragon, he could actually move! I tried to tell him that the 2 White Musketeers are just being wary of him... Don't know if you can see him moving in this one!

And the Frog Prince is a chain smoker! He puffs out the smoke from his mouth continuously! He should learn to give it up! But he moves his pipe ever so gracefully. He reminds me of the smoking caterpillar in FarmVille.

This is the FarmVille Caterpillar in the Alice In Wonderland Event:

Doesn't both seems cute?

Well this is my Fanta-Sea (Fantasy) Tank...

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