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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mafia Wars - Paris

Need your help Mafia Gang! Please send me invites if you have not already, I want to go Paris!

Also, Mafia Wars changed its Property Page again! This time, it is not the April Fool's Day joke but to Piracy (for Bangkok, etc)! Hey I like Pirates (think Captain S)! Hope they have one more place to go just for pirates!

This time, all locations have nice pictures! 1 click to collect for all!

The Bangkok one looks pretty cool! yeah, I love the pictures!

This one is for Cuba, looks so rural! So greeny and what not!

And this is for Moscow, another green theme. I wonder has the green got to do with the Earth Day thing? or the designer just like green?

I haven't got a chance to go Paris yet, hoping someone to send me an invite!

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