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Monday, April 19, 2010

FishVille - My 8th Tank (Building Process)

Thought I will show you again how to build up the tank... You need to reach Level 58 to get the 8th tank.

So I just bought my 8th tank (read here) which you can see in the orange box or arrow.

And then I went to the Store to check if I can upgrade and yes it shows yes!

I also draw up the number of tanks I have, just to check.

Then I click on the Upgrade Icon on the Top right hand corner of my tank. I do willingly pay $144,000 FishVille Coins for it!

Well, this is after I upgraded it to contain 15 fishes...

I thought I will try again to increase the capacity. Little did I realise I have to advance another level to 60! 

Oh well, I will take it slowly this time :)

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