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Saturday, April 24, 2010

FaceBook - How to Un-Hide Feeds or Posts

I wrote about how to hide FaceBook Feeds or Posts earlier and as promised, this is my follow up article on how to Unhide the feeds or posts.

I find this important because I have accidently hidden some programs (like my fave application, FarmVille!) and it took me some days to unhide it. I wasn't really anxious because at that time I had tons of gifts to clear and I did not need to retrieve any feeds from my wall. But still, I know eventually I will need it back. And here's how.

Step 1) Go to your Wall

Step 2) Click on Top News. This is to ensure that you are in the correct page ( I will explain later in this post why you cannot do this under the Most Recent page.) See Purple Arrow in the next picture.

Step 3) Click on the Edit Options at the bottom of the page. See Orange arrow in the picture above.

Step 4) Go to the Application and click on "Add to News Feed". This means you should scroll either on the Pages or the Applications tab.

In my example, I am going to unhide the Vampire Wars Application Page. So I click on the Add to News Feed under pages. And now you see, it is gone from this box. There, it is done!

Now, in another example, I want to Un-hide the Status Shuffle Application that I have previously hidden (in my last post, i think the link is here). I will go to Applications. As you can see, this is listed in a rather random order. I am not sure if it is in the order I hide it.

Scrolling down further, I found it. Alternatively you can do a Control-F to find it.

So once I click on the Add To News Feed that appeared besides Status Shuffle, it disappears and the next application fills its space.

Now I am going to explain why you cannot do it at the Most Recent tab on your Wall. This is what you will see if you click on the Edit Options on the bottom of the Most Recent tab.

The News Feed Settings. This allows you to change the number of friends you want to show on your feed. But it does not link to the Applications that you want to control for your wall.

If you click on the View Recommended Friends, it just shows your friends.

Now, hope this helps you better in controlling what appears on your feed. I actively use this to hide and unhide applications.

Because I find that the Wall Filter that I previously posted, does not seems to work every well. The Facebook Forum that I went to, said that the filters (application filters, they were called) work only for subsequent "Older Posts" but I do not think so.

One reason this is not working well, is that the applications, especially those under Zynga does not seems to have good coding in them. The program developers seems to copy the codes from different programs and just use them. Hence the Application IDs that are supposed to be unique jumped into all the applications.

Of course, I hope that this will work for non-Zynga games, but at this point in time, it is not working out for me.

Hence I use this to hide applications and then just scroll my wall for applications that I am actively looking out for.

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