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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mafia Wars - Gone in 60 Minutes The Future SHock 1985 Car

The new event in Mafia Wars (starting today and lasting for only 60 hours) is the Gone in 60 Hours event. Similar to the movie - Gone in 60 Minutes - you are supposed to build a special car - The Future SHock 1985 - which will give you 42 Attack and 42 Defence.

It does not come easy. You got to have these in order to build: 

15 Car Parts and 1 Something. (Oh don't be lazy go to your New York Property to find out!)

It gives you also, 1 Energy, 1 Stamina and 5 Health.

If you do not have the special Something, you got a chance to Ask your friends. But it says too that you can get it by completing jobs.

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