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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The month of July

On the day before my birthday, I went for kayaking. On the day of my birthday, I vomited.
The week before my birthday, I gave my photo to become a grassroot leader for my residential constituency and the week after my birthday, I will be packing National Day goody bags for the residential constituency that I got myself into!

And I'm shock to say that roller coaster rides are no longer terrifying for me, at least the ones at Universal Studio. No longer will I fear rides nor try to save money at amusement parks. You should spend and enjoy yourself!

Oh and did I mention that I also caught a movie - The Inception. These 2 weeks are really marvelous, fantastic and amazingly wonderful. No, I was not on a strict vegetarian diet as they sell only meat at the amusement parks and it was tough to avoid meat altogether as you would be left with only a few stalks of vegetables. But I managed to still eat lots of vegetables and fruits.

There is of course the fact that I managed to meet my Darling No 1 and he sent flowers to me the Friday before I went on leave. And my Darling No 2 and Darling No 3 were simple so sweet to me.

Oh and my mom treated me and family to a Japanese meal at M Hotel. In all honesty, I hate Japanese food because I prefer food served with steam or fried till they are really crispy, think stir-fried lady's finger, and not the soupy, greenish thing that they usually serve.

This has been a fun time. Now I need to concentrate on finding a house and may continue to neglect my blog and games, but I will be back, in another 2 weeks or so

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