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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Vampire Wars - Level 101

Finally got to Level 101 in vampire wars (2 July, yesterday) so it is worthy of a mention!

And because I levelled up, Vampire Wars told me that my Thirst is Satiated. This was because Mafia Wars sent a bonus item for Vampire Wars Players. I must say I joined Vampire wars not because of Mafia Wars. But I thought it looked fun!

Over the past few months, vampire wars hasn't really progressed much. I always thought it was  left to die game. As in no one really bothers with upgrading the game or whatever. Since there has always been this vampire fetish, with Twilight and all and now the new movie (what is the title? *wink*) coming out again, I guess that is when more players go into vampire wars.

Anyway there is this one time (5 May 2010, yes, I know it is sometime back but I keep my printscreens you see, just so you know I have 600+ gig of free space) when the mission items actually run out! That was when I know Vampire Wars seems to be going to be a trend... I have never seen the stuff run out? Maybe once or twice for CafeWorld which has so many avid players. But for Vampire Wars?

Well, I still need more friends in Vampire Wars and also Cafe World so please add me!

(This part is edited on 4 July 2010 9.25pm)

This is my screenshot for the Mafia War Bonus when you play in Vampire Wars:

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