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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mafia Wars - Counterfeit Tickets (South Africa)

Just embarked on a click to South Africa (SA) in Mafia Wars.

Been protesting but finally decided, it's time to hop onto the bandwagon!

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 The game has 3 Chapters, similar to Las Vagas and Paris. SA requires you to collect Counterfeit Tickets. When you are in SA, you get to collect the tickets. Now it is 25 tickets instead of the usual extra tickets. 

And I got an extra 40 Counterfeit Tickets when 2 new mafia members joined my gang. You are allowed up to 7 members (that is 20 x 7 = 140 Counterfeit Tickets) for this extra bonus. I think Mafia Wars is clever to implement the Sign A Friend Up strategy.

The usual timer comes on to tell you how much time you have till you collect your next set of Counterfeit Tickets.

 Now for the jobs in SA, in Chapter 1: you have Arrive in Johannesburg, Set Up The Mining Union Head, Blackmail Him With The Evidence and Leverage Your Influence. These costs

Arrive in Johannesburg - 1 Counterfeit Tickets & 7452 Enegery
Set Up The Mining Union Head - 2 Counterfeit Tickets & 36 Energy
Blackmail Him With The Evidence - 3 Counterfeit Tickets & 58 Energy
Leverage Your Influence - 4 Counterfeit Tickets & 54 Energy

After doing the first job, I got this screen:

You earned: 76 Experience, 20% mastery on this job
You spent: 45 energy & 1 Counterfeit Ticket

Being anxious, I kept clicking the Do Job button. Well going too fast has a price!

Caution: Interpol has been alerted to your activities and your heat meter is rising! This job will now cost more engery and use more Counterfeit Tickets to complete. Lie low for 8 hours and the heat meter will reset.

Then the energy and Counterfeit Tickets needed increased!

Arrive in Johannesburg - 2 Counterfeit Tickets & 72 Enegery
Set Up The Mining Union Head - 3 Counterfeit Tickets & 58 Energy
Blackmail Him With The Evidence - 4 Counterfeit Tickets & 94 Energy
Leverage Your Influence - 5 Counterfeit Tickets & 86 Energy

I managed to master the first job. The reward was 1 Skill Point. Seems like Mafia Wars is dangling good carrots! 

I shall post more in another 8hours or more...

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