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Saturday, July 3, 2010

FrontierVille - Out of energy

What to do when you are out of energy! There are so many events in FrontierVille! I can't remember if I have posted these events before but I shall comment on these:

FrontierVille encourages you to send neighbor requests and it does remove you from the game... Maybe this is something they want to improve on.

And when you visit your neighbor, you get rewards! There was an event just for this, besides the usual rewards you get when you are actually on their site. Yeah, and this event gives 400 Coins and 20XP. I am sure you got it as well! I am just after the energy refill on my neighbors' farms!

Then of course there is the snake event and I can't get over the Varmint instead of Vermin term?

And my 5-minute Clovers wilted! Then I got to clear them. But I found that if I leave them there, my neighbors can come and revive them! Not bad huh!

When I am out of energy, I usually got a notice from Frontier Jack who shared with me 1 tip, to visit neighbors so that I will get energy! and it works!

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