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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Social City - Unlock SouthEast District

I wrote earlier that Social City is giving us this option to expand. But there were some errors...
Well, finally they are letting me expand...

I got the full 17 votes, out of the required 15 votes.


Well, it comes ready with a few trees so that your population is ready to grow, just like the first city. The 2nd city does not though!

Well, I got some coins and XP for this city. Not bad! Go and unlock yours now. Mind you, only one neighbor per vote! I thought I could vote twice for a friend but turns out nope! They count your vote! So no cheating... haha

Erm, I took this screen to show how it is unlocked, but turns out my cursor was pointing to South District. Well, no more expansion for now...

I got a new building there, at SouthEast, go and find out what it is!

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