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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

FishVille - Medicine Can Be Recovered

I wrote earlier about Medicines for Sick Fishes.

Well Just to share, if you have accidentally used them in a healthy tank, they can be recovered at no cost.

I tried it (unintentionally) when I was busy clicking to feed the fishes. I must have clicked on the medicine icon when I just wanted to feed with the normal food.

And I had put the medicines out before I realised what I had done. See the 16 pieces of medicine? That is how fast I click! (I am using Logitech 3-Button USB Optical Wheel Mouse - Black, which costs only $16 but it was a gift from my Darling No 1).

Well, the medicines are recovered when they fall on the floor immediately, so your medicines are saved! Fortunately they can be recovered, if not, it will truly be wasteful. Will need friends to gift them again otherwise...

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