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Saturday, July 3, 2010

FarmVille - Barn Expansion, Japanese Buildings,Ribbons and Awards

These are some of the old stuff that I kept:

FarmVille BiPlant... 6 May 2010

And then I got this Cracked Yellow Ribbon... reward was 50 XP and 1000 Coins.

There was also this Crafting Cottages which was launched 9 June 2010. I have not seen anything from it yet or maybe I ain't just paying attention? Oh I haven't signed up anything I think... MAY do it soon...

And the Dairy Farm Expansions are here, I think I haven't done it too!

The last I checked, the capacity was 56 and it got expanded then (after I done it) to 68.

Page 2 of the Expansion. Screen shots taken on 22 June 2010.

And I also got the Horse Power White Ribbon. This gives me 100 XP and 2500 Coins. I think it should give me some Handy Help instead! Took this on 5 June 2010.

And of course the launch of the Japanese Garden Theme on 24 June 2010. I am not a Japanese person as I don't like Sushi or cold food (think cold noodle) and I prepare a warm vegetable clear soup! (oh yes recently, actually yesterday Friday on 2 July 2010, I went with ML and YJ, my new colleagues, to this Chinese restaurant in Aljunied which serves vegetarian food and the clear vegetable soup was great! But I digress) The new Japanese items include a new Crop, Tree, Buildings and Decorations, in the Market.

And of course the game changes to ask you if you want to add people instead. I think this is a strategic move, FarmVille!

 And of course, I did my Horse Stable Expansion which gives a Gray Horse for my friends to celebrate with me.

And I did miss this Tiki Time in FarmVille. I did not like the theme since I play Tiki Farm only once in a blue moon.

And the Tuscan Wedding Celebration. How can you miss it? Of course you need to know how to turn your stock of harvests into the party things!

Nonna needs help throwing her granddaughter an amazing wedding! If you can find her ingredients, your favor will increase, which you can use to get all new Tuscan items! Find the ingredients from gifts, or around your farm. Olives can be found from harvesting Olive Trees, Truffles from Pigs, Goat Milk from Goats and Eggs from Chickens!

Then you get a free announcement to your friends when you started this help. Only thing is that due to my poor connection, sometimes my posts just don't load!

And the Ultimate Barn came on 26 June 2010 with the Japanese Garden theme. Our friends at FarmVille allow us to expand it.

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