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Sunday, July 4, 2010

FrontierVille - Horse for your email

FrontierVille also asks for your email address.

It wasn't that obvious but I guess to seasoned Zynga players. I saw the email request when I went to explore the market. Under the Animals section, if you want to get a horse you have to trade your email address for it.

Of course Frontier Jack will check if you really wants to do this thing.

Just say the word, and we'll send you an email with a link that will unlock the horse in the market. This premium animal can be tended to gain energy! 

After I clicked on the "Send Me Email!", Frontier Jack says:

Our reply is on the way (check that spam filter!) The pony express may take a while, so keep checkin' back.

Love Frontier Jack *wink* So I went to my email and true enough, I got it...

Hi Pek
Click on "Get Horsey" to get a free horse in FrontierVille. Your horse will give you a lot of extra energy as you build your thriving frontier town. Grow your stable and receive additional energy by unlocking more horses in the market. Giddy Up!
Enjoy your Horsey,
Your friends at FrontierVille

The link opens up to FrontierVille and you will see this:

Congratulations, Pardner! Here's one fine bit o'horseflesh for ya, plus you can buy yerself more for jest four lucky horseshoes each!

Then when I loaded FrontierVille, it shows me (in the market) that it costs 4 HorseShoe and $10,000 Coins!

I felt cheated! Where is my free horse?

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