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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Facebook is down again (4 July 2010)

Facebook is down again (4 July 2010)... Yes I know it is the holiday and everyone is free and they are logging onto Facebook...

But it just seems that everyone would be logged out! Lucky I woke this morning at 4plus (no, I did not catch the World Cup and yes, I waked up myself, it was a dream, a bad one actually) to load my Facebook. It was before the peak I think. Should be 9pm or 10pm Friday night in US time.

Anyway when I try to open a fresh new page on my Chrome, it shows that the Facebook link is broken.

Though I am able to play my games (currently I have Mafia Wars and FarmVille running), when I tried to post feeds on the wall, the notice come up blank!

I understand that the new windows will appear to have broken Facebook links because of the way Chrome works - cookies are not shared in different windows or tabs. They are a new page and works separately from the existing or previous windows. But the same window that I am running Mafia Wars and FarmVille does not allow feeds to be posted too! Well, I am now just going to keep going around my neigbors' farms and go on attack sprees... I can't clear my gifts but then, I think I don't need them now...

If you also cannot load Facebook, I suggest you do the following things:

1) read and surf around my blog
2) do some yoga (or light stretching)
3) drink more water (go on a "water parade" in Singapore Army term/slang)
4) go hug your love ones
5) do something offline - take a walk and enjoy the quietness of Facebook *grins*

 You may want to  surf around my blog. If you like, please visit my Support page.
Share and learn. Learn and share :)

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