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Saturday, July 3, 2010

FrontierVille - Cabin

I need help! More neighbors and tools for the Cabin please!

I know some of you already are playing FrontierVille because I see alot of friends on the Game List. But I have only 5 neighbors please add me!

And I do need help for the Cabin things...

Well, see my cabin...

I got this help request from a friend, Cindy... but when I went to her site, there was nothing about the homestead I can help! (I mean cabin... of course there are the usual things like clearing grass, chopping woods, etc, but these got nothing to do with the Cabin!)

And when I click on my own Cabin, I see that I need all of everything, Hammer, Nails, Brick, Hand Drill and Paint Bucket, so please send me these!

The Hammer pop up that looks like this:

Tells me that I need dedication and hard work to complete the Cabin but wait? How do I put in dedication and hard work? Clicking Okay doesn't help.

And clicking on my Cabin shows I need these stuff but where is the hard work ??? Sending gifts to friends? LOL

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