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Friday, July 2, 2010

Social City - Spin For Gift

Went into my Social City and saw a new notice. Now Social City is launching a Spin The Wheel game. You get to keep 8 sets of building. They don't seem to show the stats for the buildings and I am not that keen to go and find out what are the benefits... Anyway when I click on the Spin....

I am told that I need to pay $4 dollar! well, forget it! 8 x $4 = $32! Nah...

There is also a new thing... the Expansion thing. It seems that if you log in everyday, you are rewarded! I don't know if it is the weather that makes my people unable to feel good! I can't grow my people but I can only clean the buildings. But I am still doing it because I am curious.

And I am not collecting much from my factories because they are producing 3-day products...

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