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Saturday, July 3, 2010

FrontierVille - Fruit Tree

Another event for FrontierVille - Fruit Tree...

The pop up asked me to plant a tree, and to get a pig from the market. (sorry I did not take the screenshot) and the tree planting was rather cute!

First you get the cherry and it was a small plant. Seedling or something. Then after watering it (6 or 7minutes later), it grew into a young plant!


After you place the young sapling, it will become thirsty (see the yellow arrow for activities you need to do in the game). 

Well this is the whole process.

After placing the plant you will get reward (see yellow arrow) in the diagram below.
Then later (follow the purple arrow pointing down) you will get a grown plant (young plant, I call it) which will become abit bigger. (Cherry Tree, water in 2:05).

Then follow the next purple arrow, pointing right, you see a comparison of the young sapling and the grown plant. It looks so tiny and so big! Then you see the picture that says Ripe in 07:55. That's the one which tells you the plant is fully grown. 

Interesting concept!

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