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Saturday, July 17, 2010

I am becoming older

I do realise that every single day, I am (as well as you are) becoming older every single minute, every single day.

This month is special because it is my birth month. I meant to write this post on 1st July but the days just flew past, I no longer have enough time. Rather, I am really enjoying myself so much every single moment that I am no longer as introspective as before.

Being older means to me that I have to be more respectful of other older folks, look out for the younger chaps and be more patient with the reckless. I tried to modify my behavior to such an extent that I really internally applaud myself, all the time when I noticed it!

Of course I continue to set new goals and achieve new heights. There just seems to be more things I want to try and many more that I dared myself to do.

It is with a new sense of happiness that I embraced this year. So far, 2010 has really been kind and extremely generous to me. I managed to kick the ball into the goal post several times already (excuse my pun amid the left over World Cup frenzy).

Last July I ran the Shape Run and this year I would be at Pasir Ris doing Kayaking. Darling No 1 was amazed even.

I don't know if this is because of my new diet or the openings of my mind with a new perspective. It just seems so refreshing! When I get home, I am not tensed any more and enjoy playing with my Darlings even better. I also started them on more vegetables and they love my cooking! Okay, only Darling No 2 and Darling No 3 love my cooking but that is enough for me.

(Today,15 July 2010 I read an article about The 99 Club, morale of the story - be content with what you have)

Anyway, that is my storyline, being happy by being contented with what you have and doing what is necessary to get that happen to you.

I told myself and my Darlings that I will get a new place to stay this coming August. Shall update soon.
Till then, happy birthday fellow Cancers :)

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